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The Lancaster

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Should we feel your act is a good match for our programs we will contact you as dates become available.

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Thursday Night Live Music - Lancaster Downtown

Open to any genre/style,  prefer 2-5 piece acts.


Country Music Saturdays - Lancaster Downtown

Open to Country, Alt-country, blues, and acoustic acts, prefer 2 - 5 piece acts.



How does compensation work?

  • We pay a flat rate of $150 for all shows.

  • A cover charge of $5 per person is collected (this can be managed directly by your band, or we can facilitate for you and add it to your payment)

  • Bonus of an additional $100 if sales cross an agreed to threshold.


Help us help you!

We believe in growing live music but we need you to help us promote you, and we all win!


Scenario 1 - Not well promoted

20 people in attendance = $5 x 20 = $100 Cover

Base pay $150

No Bonus

Total pay $250.

Dull night, no one saw your band, no one is happy…

Scenario 2 - Let’s pack the place!

Packed house 85 people x $5 = $425

Base Pay $150

Bonus hit $100

Total Pay = $675

Everyone had a blast we all made a ton of money, everyone loves your band!



What We provide:

  • Paid and Organic Social media posts promoting your event

  • An on site Sound Technician to make sure you sound your absolute best!

  • Microphones, mic stands, DI Inputs, basic cables, stage lighting


What you provide

  • Complete band information including images so we can effectively promote you

  • Promote event to your own connections and fill the place

  • Information on your band setup for our sound technician

  • All instruments, and special cables and equipment.

  • 2 x 45ish minute music sets (negotiable)

  • Rock the Sh#t out of the place

Bring your band to
The Lancaster

We’re always looking to add new acts to our live music program. We are currently looking to book for the following programs:

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