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Gear up for "Thursday Night Pub Trivia" at The Lancaster, hosted by Mystery Mansion Escape Rooms and sponsored by the distinguished Original 16 Beer. Engage in a diverse battleground of trivia, from pop culture pulses to the annals of general trivia. Simplified participation through Google Forms paves the way for seamless competition. Beyond a mere quiz, it's a celebration of knowledge, sponsored by Original 16 Beer, offering a spirited blend of camaraderie, competition, and craft beer indulgence. Join us every Thursday for a night where trivia and Original 16 Beer specials create an unforgettable atmosphere.

$5 Original 16 Beers, $5 Shots, and 25% off all appetizers. Let the strategic battles and indulgence commence!

Original 16


2000’s Trivia


1 a.m.

Jul 26, 2024

The Lancaster Taphouse - 1843 Hamilton Street.

$5 Cover

Interactive, Engaging, Fun Night out

Upcoming Events:

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Movie Trivia at The Lancaster - August 8, 2024, 7pm
Spooky Trivia at The Lancaster - August 8, 2024, 7pm
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Science Fiction Trivia at The Lancaster - August 22, 2024, 7pm
Video Game Trivia at The Lancaster - August 29, 2024, 7pm

Step into the 2000’s with our thrilling trivia night at The Lancaster on July 25, 2024, at 7pm. Sponsored by Original 16 Beer, this event will challenge your knowledge of all things 2000’s, from pop culture and music to memorable events and trends. Enjoy $5 Original 16 beers, $5 shots, and 25% off all appetizers while competing in this fun-filled evening. Join us for a nostalgic trip back to the 2000’s!

InQUIZitive Industries, led by your fearless host Morch, is the powerhouse behind The Lancaster’s popular Pub Trivia nights. Known for their interactive and engaging approach, InQUIZitive Industries delivers diverse trivia themes that challenge and entertain participants. With a keen focus on creating memorable experiences, they blend intellect, competition, and fun, making every trivia night an event to remember.

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