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  • Tim Rogers

A Menu of ICE and FIRE

As the battle for the legendary Game of Thrones winds to an end, we have created a special menu of Food and drinks inspired by characters and places from the land of Westeros!

Dragon Fire Wings

Feel the wrath of the dragon’s breath with these Dothraki death sauce wings. WARNING! These wings contain the hottest known ingredients on Earth or Westeros, containing ingredients 650 times hotter than a jalapeño chile. ORDER WITH CAUTION! $13

Theon’s Sausage Platter

Local turkey and wild garlic sausage, crisp demi baguette, old white cheddar cheese, green olives, and grainy Dijon mustard. $18

Hot Pie’s Meat Pie

Pie filled with juicy chunks of beef and pork in a rich gravy filled with potatoes, onions, and carrots, and sealed with crispy baked dough. $15

Dornish Lamb

Grilled racks of honey and lemon marinated lamb served over a bed of jasmine rice and seasonal vegetables. $28

Sansa’s Lemon Cake

House made Lemon cake, served with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. $8


The Night King

Mint, Chocolate and Curacao ally to create an icy blue chill that will peer into the depths of your soul like the leader of the Wights piercing glare. $9

The Mother of Dragons

A favourite amongst Dothraki and Unsullied, we mix Blood Orange vodka with house sours, cranberry juice, and a subtle hint of cantaloupe. DRACARYS! $9