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Each team uses a provided Google Form to submit each round for your team. That means you need at least one phone at your table!

  • One team wins each round. Tiebreakers occur if two or more teams have the highest score.

  • Final scores revealed at the end of the night!

  • Don’t be an asshat. We are all at trivia to have fun. Don't be THAT person.

  • No Spoilers, no cheating. This means no shouting out answers and not looking up answers. No one likes a cheater, so don't do it.

​Trivia consists of 5 rounds of themed questions, with 10 questions in reach round. The themes vary from week to week, but there is usually pop-culture trivia, movie trivia, general trivia, and music trivia.

The Rules of Pub Trivia!

Current Season Standings

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The tradition continues…. Pints, Pals, and Pub Trivia, play on your own or with a group up to six. It’s fun, it’s challenging…it’s … NOT YOUR COUCH!!!


Thursday Nights. 8pm.

Pub Trivia

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