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Spring Features

The Green Tea Sour

A classic twist featuring Tanqueray 10, bright lemon juice, and sweet simple syrup, shaken with egg white for a silky, foamy top. Served in a coupe glass, garnished with loose tea leaves and peach bitters.


The Creamsicle

A delightful blend of Baileys Irish Cream and Ketel One Vodka, topped with ice and orange juice. Served in a Collins glass with a fresh orange garnish.


The Spiced Daq

A vibrant blend of Captain Morgan Spiced Rum and Crème de Cassis, combined with lime juice and simple syrup, shaken and poured over ice. Topped with soda and garnished with a dried lime wheel for a refreshing finish.


The Irish Julep

A refreshing twist on the classic, featuring Roe & Co. Whisky and a hint of lime juice, sweetened with simple syrup and fresh mint. Served over crushed ice in a copper mule glass for a cool finish.


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